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Kelp as a feed additive

Today many farmers have concluded that the use of an NPK chemical plant food program has resulted in nutritional deficiencies for their livestock. The addition of kelp meal to the livestock ration has completed the missing components in the feed supply, resulting in healthier more productive animals.

Kelp meal has been used for centuries as a natural feed additive. It contains in excess of 60 minerals, and more than 12 vitamins and all-essential amino acids.
Tidal kelp meal is processed within 24 hours of harvest. This is necessary to maintain the highest possible vitamin and amino acid profile. Traditional manufacturers dry by spreading the kelp on the ground. This is subject to weather delays and possible contamination. Tidal’s mechanical drying process provides consistency day after day. The final product is available in a dry granular form and is easily added to pre mixes or used as a top dressing.

The observed benefits associated with regular use of kelp meal can be summarized as follows:

Beef Cattle

  • Better feed conversion
  • Reduced back fat
  • Increased loin size

Dairy Cattle

  • Better feed conversion
  • Improved conception with less calving problems
  • Helps lower somatic cell count
  • Helps prevent mastitis and milk fever
  • Increases milk production with higher butter fat and protein content in milk


  • Produces more milk in the sow
  • Better conception and bigger litters
  • Better feed conversion
  • More flavorful meat


  • One can expect increased vitality and more stamina
  • Healthier coat, bright eyes
  • Less nervousness


  • Increased egg production
  • Eggs have harder shell and better flavor
  • Broilers gain faster on less feed and are healthier
  • Consumers report better flavor in meat


  • Vast improvement in wool quality
  • Better feed utilization
  • Increased milk production in ewes
  • Ewes are less nervous when nursing and take to newborn lambs faster


  • Increased weight gains
  • Reduced susceptibility to disease

Kelp as a feed additive

Tidal Kelp can be mixed into the feed, top dressed or fed free choice.

Large Dairy Cattle
6 to 8 oz. Per day for first 30 days top dressed. Or, 50 to 100 lbs. per ton for first 30 days then drop back 50%.
Range Cattle
Free choice with salt and calcium – phosphate mineral mix.
Free choice 90 days prior to breeding. This will help in achieving a much higher conception rate or feed at least 4 oz. per day.
2 oz. per day.
2 oz. per day.
Free choice or 50 lbs. per complete feed ration.


Tidal Organics kelp is packaged in 50 lb multiwall kraft paper bags with a poly liner. Pallets are neat, clearly marked and covered by a poly bag to ensure maximum protection.

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