Sustainable Harvesting

Our Kelp Meal (Ascophyllum nodosum) is produced from seaweed which grows along the rocky coastline of Nova Scotia. These large brown plants can reach 2 meters in length and are attached to rocks.

Our harvesters use small boats to carry out manual seaweed harvesting. Cutting rakes are specially designed to preserve the seaweed stem attached to the rocks. At least 6-8 inches of the plant is left attached to the rock to ensure the plant regenerates. The pruning nature of the harvest leaves plenty of canopy for other inhabitants and allows for a rapid regeneration of harvested and suppressed shoots.

Our seaweed is selectively harvested from government leases to maintain sustainable resources. Harvest areas are divided into sectors and harvesters rotate from sector to sector to allow regeneration. Selective cutting is practiced to ensure only mature plants are harvested. Lease guidelines ensure good harvesting techniques are used and accurate harvesting is reported.